About Evans Carpentry

Aaron Evans began his career in the construction field as a teenager working with his father and uncle during summer vacations on commercial and residential job sites. This gave him hands-on experience in the areas of concrete finishing, heavy-duty construction equipment, and laying water and sewer lines. His carpentry skills were developed while working with a log home contractor.

Aaron continued working in the construction field during the summer months while attending college. He worked with a contractor building custom-designed log homes. It is here that he developed his carpentry skills. He eventually ventured out on his own, subcontracting with numerous log home contractors in the North Central Florida area. Carpentry skills are a definite asset to building log homes.

His experience building log homes has enabled him to learn all facets of building construction from the home’s foundation to the roof and everything in between.

Aaron’s mission is to assist homeowners with their remodeling, home improvement, and maintenance needs as well as new building construction. This includes but is not limited to: power washing and painting, siding of all types, window and door replacement, flooring, decks and patios (build new and repair old), and concrete walkways and driveways (including restoration work), all your carpentry needs inside and out.

In view of today’s economy he realizes that it is very beneficial for homeowners to maintain the appearance and value of their homes and he is here to help.

Evans Carpentry